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Quickly and easily track your training hours online for school, internship, and licensure.

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Track all your clinical training activities in one place with Time2Track. For each activity, you can specify all the details of your experience. You can even add your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules with recurring activities so keeping up with your hours is a breeze.


In Time2Track, you can keep track of the individuals, couples, families, and groups you work with along with all their demographic information. No sensitive client information is stored, so you can peace of mind knowing your client data is private.



With Time2Track’s extensive assessment library, you can record every test administration and scoring session you perform. Time2Track has thousands of assessments already pre-loaded, or you can always add your own if it’s not listed.

Time2Track lets me record my hours with minimal effort. It’s really easy to use. With a few clicks, I can log what I’ve been doing, even when I’m in between back to back clients.

Emily J.

Wheaton College

Time2Track is so easy to use and keeps me from ever getting behind in logging my hours. I recommend it to other students whenever I get the chance!

Mandy O.

Start Tracking Your Hours Online Today.

Start Tracking Your Hours Online Today.