Reviews & Testimonials

97% of our customers recommend Time2Track.

Reviews & Testimonials

97% of our customers recommend Time2Track.

“In my mind, there is no other option. I would only use Time2Track and I recommend it to everyone!”

Allison P.
Virginia Commonwealth University

“In my mind, there is no other option. I would only use Time2Track and I recommend it to everyone!”

Allison P.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Our program has used Time2Track since 2007. We have been extremely satisfied with the ease of documenting training activities; the clear, user-friendly instructions; and the responsiveness of the staff. Time2Track has welcomed both student and faculty feedback, and as a result, the tracking system has gotten better and better!

Cheryll Rothery, PsyD, ABPP

Graduate Program Chair & Director of Clinical Training, Chestnut Hill College

There is simply no other system with the reputation, ease of use, and team of dedicated professionals like Time2Track for documenting your hard-earned training experiences.

Christopher B.

Regent University

Time2Track has successfully facilitated our doctoral students’ recordings of their clinical hours for several years. The program has been problem free from the time we started using it. In addition, Time2Track staff has been supportive to me and my students whenever they have been contacted. The interface is user-friendly and consistent with the APPIC application, which not only serves students while applying for internship, but allows the DCT and students to observe their progress throughout the doctoral program through a variety of reports, tables, and graphs. Time2Track is an invaluable tool and highly recommended.

Barbara N. Paulillo, PsyD

Director of Clinical Training, Florida Institute of Technology

Time2Track was a lifesaver during my internship. I was able to quickly track my hours during the day, while trying to keep up with my very busy schedule. I wish I started using Time2Track earlier in my PhD program.

Marney H.

Fielding Graduate University

My program provided me with a free subscription for MyPsychTrack but I chose to pay additionally for Time2Track because it was so much faster and easier to use than the others.

A Student Customer

Worth the precious loan money spent!

Jenny W.

University of Houston

Time2Track has made my tracking so much easier, and I have been able to report hours with ease. What took hours before now takes minutes. Very grateful somebody is taking care of being up to date for these complicated rules of reporting my hours. All I need to do is log my work. Time2track is the most up to date, user friendly, and efficient way to keep track of your hard earned hours!

Shari K.

If you need a system that lets you effortlessly compile all of the information you will need for internship and licensing in psychology, you need to use Time2Track.

Siam M.

We have used Time2Track exclusively since the first cohort of our doctoral program. Students have commented on how easy it is to document practicum hours in Time2Track, and now that they are applying for internship, I have heard only good things about how they move the data to the internship application. I have been impressed with how quickly Time2Track staff have responded whenever we have had questions. Thanks for a great product and service.

Ashley Sovereign, PsyD, LP

Director of Clinical Training, Saint Mary's University, Twin Cities

Use it. Start right away and use it through your whole program. You’ll be glad when it comes time to apply for internship.

Andree-Ann M.

I have used Time2Track for 4 years, and I could not be happier. They have made appropriate updates to respond to customer requests and make their system very user-friendly in that time. As a post-doc, I plan to continue to use Time2Track until my hours are done and I am finally licensed. I could not even begin to calculate how much time, energy, and guess work Time2Track has saved me over the last 4 years!

A Postgraduate Customer

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Join Thousands of Happy Time2Track Customers.

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