Time2Track for Students & Interns

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Track your training hours online with Time2Track and make your life so much easier.

Time2Track Online Software on iPhone and iPad

Why use Time2Track?


Save time

Avoid falling behind on your record keeping. Log your hours in real time, from any device, using our web-based application.


Keep your hours safe

Computers can crash. Smartphones can be destroyed. Notebooks can be lost. Never lose important information again by keeping everything in Time2Track. You can rest easy knowing your hard earned hours are safe and secure.


Understand your progress

Don’t lose sleep stressing about your progress. With a few clicks, you can view your total training hours and see a variety of reports, charts, and graphs that show your progress at a glance.


Store everything in one place

When it comes time to apply for an internship, job, or licensure, you’ll be glad you’ve kept everything in one place. With Time2Track, your hours will be organized and ready whenever you need to report them.


Configurable for your field of study

Time2Track is configurable for your specific field of study, including Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and School Psychology, so you can make sure you’re tracking the information you need. You can also add custom treatment settings and activity types for even more customization.


Integrated with the AAPI Online

If you’ll be applying for an internship through APPIC, Time2Track makes it easy to track your hours for the AAPI Online. We update Time2Track regularly to match changes to APPIC’s requirements.


Our Recommendation Rate

Time2Track is a wonderful and easy way to keep track of hours. The sooner you begin using it, the better. I only wish I began using it earlier in my program.

Time2Track Student

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

Time2Track is easy to use, lets me see my clinical hours quickly, and came highly recommended by my peers. Students who started the year off tracking hours on their own ended up switching to Time2Track within 6 months.

Time2Track Student