Time2Track for Professionals

Are you organizing your training experiences for licensure?

Experience the complete time-tracking app built for professionals like yourself.

iPad screen showing Time2Track for Professionals

Why use Time2Track?


Simple record keeping for licensure

Time2Track makes recording your experiences simple and easy. Spending a couple of minutes logging your activities each training day makes your life that much easier down the road.


Protect your hard-earned hours

Don’t risk storing your data in a spreadsheet or notebook. Time2Track keeps your hard-earned clinical training experiences safe and secure in our cloud.


Simplify application processes

Applying for jobs, fellowships, and licensure is stressful. With Time2Track, your experiences are organized and ready to go.


Our Recommendation Rate

Time2Track allows me to keep all of my clinical hours organized and in one place. I highly recommend the program to clinician who needs to track hours for professional purposes–it will make your life easier when applying for internship and licensure!

April R.

Time2track puts the fun back into our profession and we can see our level of skills building.

Rebecca D.