In response to higher education’s growing need to track and understand experiential learning, Time2Track broadens its support for internships and hands-on training in fields like civic engagement, public health, social work and more.

WATERTOWN, Mass. (April 23, 2020) — Time2Track™, the leader in experience management, has announced the addition of new features and products to address the rising need for simplified competency assessment in higher education. Best known for helping behavioral health programs modernize processes and capture clinical training experiences, Time2Track has now expanded into other fields as the emphasis on experiential learning grows. Its online tools help individuals and institutions in a variety of settings track and verify training, service and internship activities and hours, evaluate competencies and facilitate real-time feedback for learners.

Among the biggest higher education trends of the past decade is the increased focus on experiential and hands-on learning as a high-impact practice. Time2Track reinforces such initiatives by helping programs gain insight into and share what students are learning, and how these experiences impact their ability to engage academically, professionally and civically as a result.

“In the era of big data, educators want to go beyond simply tallying hours and drill down into what students are actually learning,” said Maggie Wilkerson, Liaison’s vice president responsible for Time2Track. “We offer leaders across a wide range of experiential learning programs a way to connect the dots and glean insights into student learning in ways they haven’t been able to do before.” 

Last fall, Time2Track even launched a new sister product in partnership with Campus Compact, Compact2Learn™, which offers an unprecedented way to connect student civic engagement experiences with measurable civic learning outcomes. As students and institutions gravitate toward more community-based programming, Compact2Learn enriches these experiences while deepening program leaders’ understanding of how such activities shape future democratic participation.

Customization enhancements — like tailoring system terminology and data points to a specific discipline — allow Time2Track to support experiential learning in any setting and across any field of study. Whether working toward a degree in education or public health, learners and institutions will now benefit from convenient tracking and evaluation tools that provide actionable data at the individual, program, and campus-wide level. 

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