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Time2Track’s MyInternshipJournal is the easiest way for university teacher education departments and student teachers to track classroom and fieldwork hours.

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Teacher Education Program Fieldwork Management

Are you a program director, training director, faculty member, or administrator? Now you can track and verify student teachers’ hours and collect forms and evaluations online — no paper required!

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MyInternshipJournal has already created a configuration of the software which complies with the requirements of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). We can easily modify the software to meet any of the unique requirements of your state and program. Contact us with your questions or schedule a demo to learn more and to discuss your program’s needs.

“We just had our CTC accreditation visit last year, and we were able to even parse out how much support teaching candidates were getting from the district, what that support looked like and what support they were getting from supervisors. With Time2Track, we were able to really look at the data and use it to show CTC what our program was doing, with a lot more detail than we’ve been able to share previously.”

Dania Massey

Professor, Teacher Education Department, California State University, East Bay (CSUEB)

Let us worry about your program’s fieldwork, classroom, co-teaching and supervision hours.

Start preparing for obtaining your teaching credential today.


More time. Less stress.

Start using Time2Track at the beginning of your student teaching, and your fieldwork and supervision hours will be ready to go when it’s time to apply for your teaching credential.


Understand your progress.

Don’t lose sleep stressing about your progress toward hour goals for your Teacher Accreditation. With a few clicks, you can see your total classroom and co-teaching hours and a variety of reports, charts, and graphs that show your progress at a glance.

Secure your total student teaching program hours.

Your computer could crash. Your smartphone could get destroyed. You could lose your notebook. When it comes to your student teaching hours, don’t take any chances. Store them in Time2Track’s MyInternshipJournal and rest easy knowing your hard earned hours are safe and secure.


Log your hours on-the-go.

Time2Track’s MyInternshipJournal is mobile-friendly, so you can log your student teaching and credentialing activities from anywhere, anytime.


Get supervisor signatures.

Progress reports can easily be printed, complete with signature lines for your supervisor. Get the signatures you need quickly and easily.


Our Recommendation Rate

“Time2Track lets me record my hours with minimal effort. It’s really easy to use. With a few clicks, I can log what I’ve been doing.”

Emily J. Wheaton College