Adler University Delivers Comprehensive and Mission-Consistent Training Experiences

Adler University Delivers Comprehensive and Mission-Consistent Training Experiences


The Challenge

Gaining Visibility into Different Types of Training

Adler University knew that visibility into training experiences would help its programs meet their accreditation requirements and its students achieve their learning outcomes. After careful review, the institution decided that Time2Track was just the partner to provide that visibility. “Prior to Time2Track, we had an internal system we were using for hours tracking that did not provide the level of details or real-time data we have from Time2Track.” Said Dr. Kevin Osten-Garner, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Before implementing Time2Track, Adler lacked insight into student progress during the course of the semester. Without knowing what types of training experiences students were having, supervisors and training directors were limited in the ability to guide students on how to best round out their training.


With Time2Track, Adler University has:

Gained real-time views
into student progress and the types of clinical experiences they are having

Identified training sites
that provide in-depth clinical experiences, allowing the University to focus on expanding those partnerships  

Reduced the amount of time
needed to prepare applications and reports for grants

We’ve implemented Time2Track institutionally for any student engaged in practica experience, really going beyond typical use for clinical practica and internships — we use this for all our non-clinical social justice practicum and are exploring how to use this for our complex grants that involve tracking specific activities and outcomes.

The Solution

Visibility into the Range of Student Experiences

“One of the best features we’re hearing from both training directors and our supervisors in the field is the dashboard,” said Osten-Garner. They can see the progress students are making in their training placements, as well as the progress in their range of experiences. Training directors are able to see if students are getting enough direct patient contact hours, or too much in individual and not enough group or family work — both supervisors and training directors can help students diversify their training experience based on that data, and that’s something that we’ve not had before,” Osten-Garner said.


The University’s Outcome

More Time and More Insight into their Level of Service

In addition to individual student progress, staff can aggregate data by program, cohort or class. “We can easily see what level of service they’re providing the community,” said Osten-Garner. That level of detail also allows Osten-Garner to save time when applying for grants to support Adler Community Health Services. “I can pull up how many people we’ve served in a given year, their demographics, the type of services performed… that information has helped our grant applications be more successful. And we’ve cut the time down for preparing applications substantially.”

Osten-Garner said Adler appreciates the complete customization Time2Track has provided to meet the University’s needs. “The support from Time2Track has been exceptionally responsive — unlike anything we’ve seen from any other company,” he said.

About Adler University

Adler University educates students to engage the world and create a more just society. Established in 1952, it enrolls more than 1,400 students in master’s and doctoral programs through its campuses in downtown Chicago and Vancouver, as well as an Online Campus. Adler University’s mission is to continue the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, the first community psychologist, by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities and advancing social justice. More than 600 agencies partner with the Adler University as community practica and student internship sites.

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