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We have been extremely satisfied with the ease of documenting training activities; the clear, user-friendly instructions; and the responsiveness of the staff. Time2Track has welcomed both student and faculty feedback, and as a result, the tracking system has gotten better and better! Dr. Cheryll Rothery

Chestnut Hill College

Time2Track provides a straightforward, user-friendly method for our graduate students to track hours throughout graduate school. Having hours recorded regularly in Time2Track saves them considerable time with internship and licensure applications. Dr. Lee Cooper

Virginia Tech University

Online Approvals

Supervisors can approve student hours through Time2Track while you monitor the entire process in real-time.


Quantify your goals and objectives, monitor quality of training, & obtain aggregate training reports in just a few clicks.

Hours Tracking

Affordable, easy, and painless record keeping for your students from practicum all the way to licensure and beyond.


Save time, effort, and resources by obtaining training data to support accreditation requirements with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Analytics

It’s time to move beyond simply tracking hours. At Time2Track, we are continuing to pioneer the management of clinical training data by building learning systems that help institutions in ways never before available. We believe it’s a vital development for the future of clinical training.

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Transform Data into Actionable Information

With Time2Track Analytics, you can now transform clinical training data into actionable information and make more informed, timely decisions. Use Time2Track Analytics to easily gather important data to prepare for annual reviews and meeting accreditation requirements while helping to significantly improve your program’s quality of training and outcomes.

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Quantify Your Goals & Objectives

Until now, aspects of your program’s training goals have been difficult to quantify. With Time2Track, you can quantify your student training experience with just a few clicks using the training data stored in Time2Track.

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Monitor & Control Quality of Training

With Time2Track Analytics, aggregate snapshots of your program’s practicum and internship training data are available in real-time, right at your fingertips. Quickly see a clear picture of the experiential training that your students are engaged in at any given time. You can then use these invaluable snapshots to shape and mold the quality of clinical training experiences along the way instead of waiting until end of year reports to implement changes.

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Support Accreditation Requirements

You can save time, effort, and resources by obtaining data to support
regional and national accreditation requirements with just a few clicks.

APA Accreditation

Save yourself some headaches by obtaining data to specifically support APA Implementing Regulations related to clinical training with just a few clicks.

IR C-23: Diversity Education & Training
Demonstrate your program’s compliance with Domain D by providing data on individual and cultural diversity in training settings by client ethnicity, gender, disability, and sexual orientation.
IR C-26: Practicum Guidelines for Doctoral Programs
Ensure that the sequencing, duration, nature, and content of practicum experiences are appropriate for and consistent with your program’s training goals and objectives.
IR C-31: Expected Internship Placements
For non-APA or CPA accredited internship sites, use Time2Track data to demonstrate how the quality of the internship training experience is monitored.
IR C-32: Outcome Data for Doctoral Programs
Time2Track collects aggregate proximal outcome data that can easily be used to directly support your program’s goals, objectives, and competencies.

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Time2Track is an invaluable tool and highly recommended. Dr. Barbara M. Paulillo

Florida Institute of Technology

The customer service is top-notch. There is always someone available to answer questions should questions arise. Dr. Jerry L. Kernes

University of La Verne

The implementation of Time2Track transformed recordkeeping for our program. Dr. Gay McAlister

Southern Methodist University


Clinical Training Management

At Time2Track, we’re in a constant state of looking forward in an effort to ease the workload associated with clinical training. The pioneering work that we started 10 years ago has laid the foundation for the future of managing clinical training.

Time2Track has moved beyond the initial task of tracking hours to a complete solution for students, interns, supervisors, and institutions. The Time2Track Roadmap will give you a glimpse of what we plan for the very near future.

Online Forms Management

Institutions will be able to manage the custom forms necessary for their specific needs. All data will be captured online and will become part of the student’s Time2Track record, keeping everything in one place. Some examples of the forms you’ll be able to manage in Time2Track will include:

- Student & Supervisor Evaluations
– Applications for Practicum
– Training Agreements
– Supervisor Agreements

Training Sites & Placements

Gain access to a nationwide database of training sites to assist with student placements. Manage training site records and student placements directly through Time2Track and keep everything organized and in one place.

Get Involved

Make sure your opinion is heard! If you’d like to get involved with the development of our new features, let us know. We want to hear from you!

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