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Simple Record-Keeping

Find out how Time2Track can make your life a little bit easier, all for less than the cost of a monthly Starbucks latte.

Keep track of activities.

Easily add and manage activities with two convenient views – Calendar and List.

Manage your clients.

Add and manage individual clients, couples, families, and groups.

Log assessments.

Choose from our list of thousands of pre-loaded assessments or add your own.

Are you tired of paying for “free”?

What’s that “free” product really costing you?

As a busy grad student, we know your time is precious. Is it worth your valuable time to save a few bucks a month? Sometimes “free” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With Time2Track, you have absolute confidence knowing that your data is being calculated correctly and your time isn’t being wasted. We think that’s worth it.

Making the Switch

We’ve made it super easy to switch from other tracking products, including MyPsychTrack. You can enter your baseline hours if you’ve been tracking by hand or using a spreadsheet, or import your detailed activity information from MyPsychTrack. Our recurring activity feature also makes it easy to backlog activities.

Time2Track has changed dramatically in the past 2 years and for the better! It is very thoughtfully made with the needs of a clinical student in mind.

Erin F.

There is simply no other system with the reputation, ease of use, and team of dedicated professionals like Time2Track for documenting your hard-earned training experiences.

Christopher B.

My program provided me with a free subscription for MyPsychTrack but I chose to pay additionally for Time2Track because it was so much faster and easier to use than the others.

Student User

Reports & Graphs

Visually track your progress.

With Time2Track’s beautiful charts and graphs, you can check your progress at a glance. View your hours by domain with an interactive pie chart or see your hours over time with a helpful line graph.

Printer-friendly reports make it easy to view your totals.

Time2Track provides several different reports to track your progress. You can immediately see your hour totals and print out copies for your training director or supervisor.

Who Uses Time2Track?

Whether you’re earning your Masters, Doctorate, or working toward professional licensure, Time2Track has a solution for you.

Graduate Students & Interns earning Masters or Doctorate degrees.

- Child Psychology
– Clinical Psychology
– Counseling
– Community Mental Health
– Forensic Psychology
– Industrial / Organizational Psychology
– Marriage & Family Therapy
– Neuropsychology
– Social Work
– School Psychology
– Other areas of behavioral health

Postgraduates & Professionals working toward licensure.

- Clinical Psychologist
– Clinical Social Worker (LCSW, LSCSW)
– Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
– Mental Health Counselor (LMHC, LPC, LCMHC)
– Professional Counselor (LPC, LPCC)
– School Psychologist

Online Approvals

Track hours by practicum & supervisor.

If your school is using Online Approvals, you can track your hours by practicum and supervisor. If you’d like your program to start using Online Approvals, just have your training director email us. We’ve made it super easy for institutions to set up, and it’s free to use. You can even bulk-edit past activities to include practicum and supervisor data!

Submit hours to supervisors online.

Once you’ve logged hours to a supervisor and practicum, you can submit those hours to your supervisor for approval electronically with just a few clicks. Your supervisor would receive an email notification alerting them to your approval request. If you need to change any activities after they’ve been submitted or approved, you have the flexibility to do that. You’d just need to re-submit them for approval after the changes are made.

Supervisors approve hours online.

Your supervisor can log into their free Time2Track account and approve your hours with just a few clicks. It’s super easy for them, and saves time and paper for everyone. Once approved, you’ll be alerted in real-time. If the request is rejected, your supervisor can attach a note explaining why, then you can make the appropriate changes and resubmit the request.

Time2Track Mobile

Track your hours from any device, anywhere.

In today’s mobile world, we know it’s important for you to track yours hours on the go. Time2Track Mobile makes it easy to stay up to date with your tracking and enter data right after a session or activity, when the information is fresh.

User-friendly & secure.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of your clients, we’ve made sure Time2Track mobile is just as secure as our full version. You won’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

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