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Time2Track Analytics

Quantify goals and monitor quality of training.

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Monitor Student Progress

Keep track of individual student training progress.

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Accreditation Support

Obtain data to support regional and national accreditation requirements.

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Online Evaluations

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Manage supervisor and student evaluations and other clinical training forms directly through Time2Track.

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Hours Tracking

Track your clinical training activities easily and painlessly.

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Reports & Graphs

View your progress with intuitive reports and beautiful graphs.

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Online Approvals

Submit hours to your supervisors for approval online.

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Time2Track Mobile

Use Time2Track on-the-go with any mobile device.

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Safe & Secure in the Cloud

The security of your data is our top priority. We work with the undisputed leader in cloud hosting to provide you with top-notch security. You’re investing years in your education, so don’t trust your data to just anyone. While computers can crash and smartphones can get destroyed, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe and sound in Time2Track’s cloud. To protect your privacy and the privacy of your clients, we’ve made sure Time2Track Mobile is just as secure as our full version, so you won’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Industry Leadership

Time2Track has been around since 2003, and we couldn’t be prouder of what it’s become. We’re a small team of people who love what we do and are passionate about helping students and institutions. It’s been amazing to watch the system grow and evolve over the past 10 years, and we’re thankful for our clients and supporters who have helped us get there.

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Who uses Time2Track?


Masters & Doctoral Students, Interns, Postgrads, & Professionals
  • Track practicum & internship hours.
  • Apply for internship.
  • Transfer data to the APPIC internship application (AAPI).
  • Track hours for licensure & credentialing.
  • Keep all your data in one place.

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Graduate Programs, Training Centers, & Internship Sites
  • Track student hours.
  • Report on individual students.
  • Report aggregate data for accreditation.
  • Monitor supervisor approvals in real-time.
  • Control quality of clinical training.

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Approve student hours online in real-time.
  • No paper reports to keep track of and sign.
  • Free access to Time2Track.
  • Email notification of pending approval requests.

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