Reviews & Testimonials

97% of our customers recommend Time2Track.

Reviews & Testimonials

97% of our customers recommend Time2Track.

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Time2Track made a difficult process easier. Everything is done with ease and the output is impressive.

Christi C.

Time2Track offers a comprehensive tracking system that is user friendly and meets the needs of both Masters’ and Doctorate level students. I would recommend this program to anyone in need of tracking hours.

Michelle S.

I have had a great experience with time2track and its very easy to record all of your training experiences. They also update their categories and system often that I feel their system continually improves.


Time2Track lets me record my hours with minimal effort. It’s really easy to use. With a few clicks, I can log what I’ve been doing, even when I’m in between back to back clients.

Emily J.

Wheaton College

Time2Track is a wonderful and easy way to keep track of hours. The sooner you begin using it, the better. I only wish I began using it earlier in my program.


Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

Use it. Start right away and use it through your whole program. You’ll be glad when it comes time to apply for internship.

Andree-Anne M.

Time2Track makes logging and reviewing my hours simple. I especially like how easy it is to track my work with specific clients.

Morgan G.

University of Missouri - Kansas City

This made my life so much easier! It’s encouraging to see the time rack up and my bars on my graph grow longer.


Fuller Theological Seminary School of Professional Psychology

I don’t know where I’d be without Time2Track. I would certainly NOT have an accurate count of my 3 years of training hours!


Extremely useful to see at a glance my progress in developing breadth and depth in my clinical experience as I progressed through my clinical training program.

Karen O.

University of Manitoba

Tracking on Time 2 Track has made my life tremendously easier in terms of keeping detailed records of hours! Something I truly appreciate with everything I have going on, use Time 2 Track, you’ll be happy you did!


Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

I love Time2Track because it provides me a way to keep track of all the hours that I have from practica and externships. Time2Track takes some of the pressure off me when I log my hours online… One less thing to worry about! Thanks Time2Track!

Kamila R.

Howard University

Time2Track really makes the complicated process of logging hours much easier and more streamlined.


Lehigh University

Having to track 3300 hours of counseling & support work, this program is very user friendly and helps you know at any moment where you are toward your required hours. The mobile feature is super handy and the program is so easy to use. I would highly recommend Time2Track!

Kristi P.

Time2Track is easy to use, provides clear reports, and is very affordable. I had been logging my hours on paper and always worried about losing my logs somehow. I wish I had signed up sooner!

Kelly L.

Bryn Mawr College

At the start of practicum I was overwhelmed with how I would keep track of my hours, patients, assessment measures used, supervision hours and eventually converting all of that for internship applications. I started using Time2Track and at the end of every day I simply update all my activities of the day. So simple, easy, code names to protect sensitive client data and keep an accurate record, shows great graphs on what your progress looks like and compares it to matched students. I love how easy it is to use!! Will definitely use until internship comes along.

Sara T.

Adler School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track is extremely easy to use and has been very helpful to me for gathering my internship and postdoc hours in a quick and comprehensive manner. I especially like the report feature that allows you to filter your hours in a variety of ways.

Tegan C.

Time 2 Track has allowed me to keep track of practicum, internship and now post doc hours in an easy and efficient manner. I highly recommend it to everyone in a graduate psychology program.

Julie S.

Time2Track is a great program and easy to use. It has most of the testing materials in the system and makes it easier than typing them.

Angela J.

Walden University

I especially appreciate how Time2Track keeps up to date with the latest requirements, and changes their tracking accordingly.


I use Time2Track weekly, and I cannot imagine tracking my hours any other way!

Shawna S.

University of Windsor

I love Time2Track! I wish I had known about it when I started my graduate career!


In my mind, there is no other option. I would only use Time2Track and I recommend it to everyone!

Allison P.

Virginia Commonwealth University

I love it! Much easier and much more organized than the use of a spreadsheet or other methods.


Time2Track is a lifesaver for busy graduate students! The program makes tracking practicum hours and activities effortless. Plus, I can log in securely – from anywhere – to see my progress. T2T also plots my data and offers comparisons to other graduate students. I love T2T!

Ashley L.

The University of Tulsa

I wish I had known about Time2Track when I was completing my terminal Masters. But, even though I did not use this (or any other integrative tracking tool), Time2Track was relatively easy enough to go back and log in all of those hours retrospectively, now that I am working towards the Doctorate and the AAPI.

Allen D.

University of Tennessee

Time2Track is very easy to use. It not only allows the student to track hours, but also track individual clients seen and specific demographics pertaining to those individuals.

Courtney L.

East Tennessee State University

I don’t always have access to the same computer, so T2T makes it easy to access and update my account from any site I am working at. It is also nice because I know that my client information is safe and secure, no matter how many files and papers stack up during a weekend lit review.

Dustin B.

Iowa State University

Using Time2Track for just 2 minutes each training day keeps you organized and simplifies future requests to quantify your experience.

Kristen S.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track is so easy to use and keeps me from ever getting behind in logging my hours. I recommend it to other students whenever I get the chance!

Mandy O.

Time2Track has provided ease of mind in knowing that my hours are documented and secured. The simplicity of the website is beneficial when trying to decide how to best code my clinical hours.


Time2Track not only helps you record and organize your practicum hours, but it encourages you along the way: Upwards and Onwards!


Adler School of Professional Psychology

Graduate school is busy enough without having to track all the minutia of your clinical experience. Time2Track makes that job as close to automatic as you can get!


Time2Track has changed dramatically in the past 2 years and for the better! It is very thoughtfully made with the needs of a clinical student in mind.

Erin F.

This system is great! I have used other computer-based systems before Time2Track, but this one is by far the best and most user-friendly I have ever used to track my hours. Highly recommend to anyone!


I have used Time2Track for 5 years and I have never had a problem with access or data loss.

Megan M.

University of Southern Florida

Great for anyone not wanting to carry around MORE paperwork! I love it!

Annie H.

Time2Track is thankfully the easiest part of grad school, use it!


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track is SO easy to use and provides an incredibly detailed record of your activities!


Quotes about Price

Find out what our users think about the cost of Time2Track.

With a simple annual payment I feel that the money was well worth the ease and comfort of Time2Track. It made preparing for internship app so much easier.

Ryan S.

University of Utah

Time2Track is very easy to use and has great report options. I paid to use Time2Track over other programs, which were offered to me for free, because I felt it was most reliable and user friendly.


Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Schaumburg

Easy to use, affordable and supports doctoral students in their professional development towards becoming the leaders in the field of psychology.

Angie C.

Immaculata University

Time2Track is affordable and easy to use, making it a graduate student’s dream come true!


Time2Track is an easy and cheap way to keep track of hours.


My program provided me with a free subscription for MyPsychTrack but I chose to pay additionally for Time2Track because it was so much faster and easier to use than the others.


Remember that using spreadsheets may be cheaper, but you’re more likely to lose them. Time2Track is easy to follow and most programs are more than happy to work with you on using it regardless of their current system.

Amelia W.

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

I find Time2Track affordable, easy to use, and helpful in tracking my hours for my PsyD program.


The pressure from keeping track of everything in your life can be overwhelming. Organization and peace of mind is priceless. The decision to use Time 2 Track allowed me to focus on other areas of my studies.


Quotes about Internship & Licensure

Find out what our users have to say about how Time2Track helps with internship and licensure.

I believe Time2Track was easy to use and allowed me to accurately track my hours, whether they were client or support hours. Time2Track helped immensely when applying for internship!

Lauren A.

I have found Time2Track to be a great way of keeping hours organized, which is crucial to accurate reporting and representation of your experience. I would certainly recommend it. Even though my internship site does not require it, I chose to renew my subscription with Time2Track because I wanted a reliable, accurate record of my hours.


Better than any Excel spreadsheet you can create to track your intern hours.


Western Michigan University

Time2Track allowed me to easily manage my hours and made submitting my internship application a seamless process.

Andree-Anne M.

Time2track has been significantly helpful in keeping track of my hours and organizing individuals and groups I conduct. It is a time saver when it comes to applying for internship and for evaluations for school. Wouldn’t recommend any other method.

Tiffany B.

Adler School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track has been a very helpful resource in tracking my clinical hours for the APPIC application. Now that I have completed my APA internship and am preparing for licensure I am still tracking my hours with my trusty Time2Track profile!


I find Time2Track very helpful in keeping track of my hours. The charts and graphs provide a lot of different information for applications. This tool makes the internship application process easier. It is very easy to use and the reoccurring event option is great for groups and supervision.

Michelle C.

Midwestern University - Downers Grove

Time2Track has made tracking both my internship and postdoctoral hours considerably easier than tracking with paper and pencil. The system allows for easy reporting of hours for internship applications as well as for applications for licensure, ultimately saving me time to do other things.

Larissa M.

Love the program. Easy to navigate and so helpful for internship applications. Applications were a breeze with this program.


Adler School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track is an invaluable resource. It has saved an untold amount of time logging my hours during internship. The convenience of tracking hours was readily apparent during my graduate training, but when it comes to tracking every single hour during internship, the time saved is amazing! I recommended it to my internship training director and now all interns are using Time2Track. I would recommend T2T to anyone in this profession.


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Time2Track allows me to keep all of my clinical hours organized and in one place. I highly recommend the program to clinician who needs to track hours for professional purposes–it will make your life easier when applying for internship and licensure!

April R.

I have been using it since my 1st practicum in my PsyD program and I am now continuing to use it on my internship. It is definitely worth the money to have all of your hours in a comprehensive tracking system. I am glad I used T2T and have never had any issues.


I was dreading transferring from a paper to electronic tracking system, but I would never look back. I love Time2Track. It was a requirement of my program, but I purchased a license to continue using through internship and postdoctoral fellowship.

Jan N.

Auburn University

I used T2T all through graduate school and licensure. It was great not to have to use any brain cells when it came to tracking my hours, because Biological Bases of Behavior used most of them up anyways. It was unbelievably easy to enter my hours and then print them out for my supervisors and for the licensing board. I feel very lucky to have found T2T.


Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Quotes about Customer Service

Find out what people have to say about our customer service.

I am very impressed with Time2Track’s customer support online. They e-mailed me back within hours of my question and made sure I was satisfied with the help before closing out my inquiry, thoroughly answering all of my questions and pointing me in the right direction in using the program.

Erin G.

George Fox University

Time2Track has the best customer service with a very quick response time! And friendly, too!

Amanda S.

Chestnut Hill College

Overall, I have been very satisfied with Time2Track. The support personnel have been especially helpful and responsive to questions I’ve had over the course of using this system.

John G.

The University of Iowa

Time 2 Track is easy, customer service is friendly and quick, and it does everything you need to apply to interships!

Jayme P.

Palo Alto University

Quotes about the AAPI

Read what our users think about Time2Track and applying for internship through APPIC.

Time2Track’s relationship with APPIC began when we pioneered a solution to serve the members that make up the organization. Today, 10 years later, Time2Track is the most trusted and most recommended software solution for tracking APPIC hours for the AAPI.

When it came time for internship applications I was so thankful my colleagues recommended Time2Track, and that I began using it during my first practicum experience. I kept meticulous track of my clinical hours and assessment measures during my entire program. When I filled out my AAPI all I had to do was print the Time2Track summary page and transfer the information. It was super easy!


University of North Texas

Time2Track is an easy to use and convenient way to make sure that the infamous AAPI process goes as smoothly as possible. There’s enough stress in interviews and cover letters. Make sure that Time2tTrack can make the hour-collection process a seamless and harmless one.

Steve S.

California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, Los Angeles

With Time2Track I have one less (HUGE) thing to worry about when applying for internship!

Mandy O.

I would highly recommend Time2Track to incoming graduate students. It is a time-efficient and comprehensive way to track hours, which ultimately simplified the APPIC Internship application process.

Molly B.

Adler School of Professional Psychology

Time2track was a great and easy way to capture all hours and the variety of different tasks, settings, clients, and experiences easily transferred to APPIC application for internship giving internship sites the most accurate detailed report of total hours and experiences.

Ashlee O.

Time2Track is user friendly and affordable. The system collects all the necessary data for the APPIC application.


Time2Track has provided an easy-to-use and comprehensive way to track clinical hours. The summaries provided are easy to transfer to APPIC applications. The team has always been responsive (e.g., to my requests to add assessment measures). I’ve never experienced a glitch with the website.


Time2Track was very easy to use. It made tracking my hours in grad school simple and did not take too much time to transfer to the APPI when I applied for internship.

Andrea B.

Made it so easy and painless to track hours accurately and consistently! Made the AAPI much easier to complete.

Kelly C.

University of North Texas

Very easy to use. I have been able to keep track of practicum hours and extracurricular work hours (that are not technically practicum but are face to face clinical hours) separately and it is easy to tell them apart on the AAPI view.


Time2track has been easy to use from the beginning, and provided a smooth transition for inputting hours onto the AAPI.


I love how Time2Track allows me to see graphs of my hours. I also appreciate how this tracking system corresponds with the APPIC application process. Applying for internship will be slightly less stressful because my hours have been neatly cataloged over the past three years.

Christi C.

I have used Time2Track since the first day of my PsyD program and matched at a choice internship site (APA accredited). It is incredibly user friendly, comprehensive, and made the internship application process less of a terrifying nightmare! I would highly recommend this to friends and colleagues, and plan to continue using it myself as I accrue post-doctoral hours.

Brittany W.

Pepperdine University

I love Time2Track. It is so easy to use, affordable, supervisors can sign it online, and best of all, your hours transfer very easily to your APPIC application!

Alex S.

Time2Track has been extremely helpful with not only tracking my hours, but also learning about the breakdown of hours and what is important to consider for APPIC. Awesome online tool!

Heather M.

Time2Track made the stressful process of applying to APPIC internships much easier. I’m glad I’m using it, and I plan to continue doing so! Highly recommended!

Joe W.

I would consider choosing Time2Track to keep up-to-date on hours. It’s easy to use and makes it simple to transfer hours onto the AAPI.


Marywood University

Time2Track dramatically decreased the stress of applying for internship. It was so easy to transfer my data from Time2Track to the APPIC application!


University of Washington

Time2Track made a gut-wrenching process much easier. I’m glad I had been using it for three years before applications. I recommend it to every psych grad student.


George Fox University

10 minutes of tracking today will save you 10 hours of confusion when filling out the AAPI.


I am so glad I decided to purchase and use Time2Track. It made my life a lot easier. I was prepared to turn in my hours for practicum to my school with very little effort and it supported me in completing the APPIC application.

Andrea B.

Argosy University - Denver

Time2Track allowed me to track my hours with ease, organization, and allowed me to include all of my diverse training experiences. Not an hour was missed on my AAPI!


Roosevelt University

Quotes from Institutions

Hear what our institutional clients have to say about Time2Track.

Time2Track has proved efficient both in terms of cost and time for students and supervisors. The implementation of Time2Track transformed recordkeeping for our program and has earned the appreciation of our graduate students as well as supervisors.  The benefits of Time2Track are instant in terms of immediate access to current hours and categories for comparison of earned hours. Students are excited that they can purchase an individual license after graduation for use in documenting hours toward full licensure. Technical help is always timely and courteous.  I cannot imagine our documentation process without Time2Track!

Gay McAlister, Ph.D., LPC-S

Program Director, Southern Methodist University

Our students are gradually embracing the Time2Track system for tracking their training hours. They find it much more intuitive and easier to work with than our original paper tracking system. And we find the summaries helpful to our assessment process for student progress.

Joan B. Read, PhD

Associate Director of Clinical Training, Fielding Graduate University

We have used Time2Track exclusively since the first cohort of our doctoral program. Students have commented on how easy it is to document practicum hours in Time2Track, and now that they are applying for internship, I have heard only good things about how they move the data to the internship application. I have been impressed with how quickly Time2Track staff have responded whenever we have had questions. Thanks for a great product and service.

Ashley Sovereign, PsyD, LP

Director of Clinical Training, Saint Mary’s University, Twin Cities

Our program has used Time2Track since 2007.  We have been extremely satisfied with the ease of documenting training activities; the clear, user-friendly instructions; and the responsiveness of the staff. Time2Track has welcomed both student and faculty feedback, and as a result, the tracking system has gotten better and better!

Cheryll Rothery, PsyD, ABPP

Graduate Program Chair & Director of Clinical Training, Chestnut Hill College

Time2Track has successfully facilitated our doctoral students’ recordings of their clinical hours for several years.  The program has been problem free from the time we started using it.  In addition, Time2Track staff has been supportive to me and my students whenever they have been contacted. The interface is user-friendly and consistent with the APPIC application, which not only serves students while applying for internship, but allows the DCT and students to observe their progress throughout the doctoral program through a variety of reports, tables, and graphs. Time2Track is an invaluable tool and highly recommended.

Barbara M. Paulillo, PsyD

Director of Clinical Training, Florida Institute of Technology

Time2Track provides our students an efficient, high-quality method of keeping track of their clinical hours as they work towards completion of their degree. The product itself is easy to navigate and understand. The customer service is top-notch. There is always someone available to answer questions should questions arise.

Jerry L. Kernes, PhD

PsyD Program Chair & Director of Clinical Training, University of La Verne

Time2Track provides a straightforward, user-friendly method for our graduate students to track hours throughout graduate school. Having hours recorded regularly in Time2Track saves them considerable time with internship and licensure applications.

Lee Cooper

Director of Psychological Services Center, Virginia Tech University