Time2Track helps you track & manage clinical training.

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Painless record-keeping.

Students, Interns, Postgrads, & Professionals use Time2Track to track clinical training hours.

Time2Track for Individuals

Monitor quality of training.

Grad Programs & Training Sites use Time2Track to monitor clinical training and quantify goals in real-time.

Time2Track for Institutions

Painless hours-tracking for about $3 a month.

(That’s less than the price of a latte.)

Whether you’re a student, intern, postgrad, or professional, Time2Track keeps your behavioral health training hours and experiences safe and organized so you don’t have to worry. Working toward a masters degree, doctoral degree, or behavioral health license? We’ve got you covered.

Track your clinical training experiences simply

& lose the headaches.

Track Your Hours

Painless Record-Keeping

Keep track of your activities, clients, and assessments all in one place.
Time2Track Reports & Graphs

Reports & Graphs

Professional reports with beautiful charts and graphs help you keep up with your progress.
Time2Track Mobile

Mobile Interface

Track your hours on any device with Time2Track’s mobile-friendly interface.

Online Approvals

Students, interns, & postgrads can submit hours to their supervisors through Time2Track for approval. Supervisors can approve hours through their free Time2Track accounts, while institutions monitor the entire process in real-time.

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Institutions can monitor clinical training

with real-time analytics.

Monitor Quality of Training

With Time2Track Analytics, aggregate snapshots of your program’s practicum and internship training data are available at your fingertips, which you can use to shape and mold the quality of clinical training experiences in real-time.

Quantify Goals & Objectives

Until now, aspects of your program’s training goals have been difficult to quantify. With Time2Track, you can quantify your student training experience quickly and easily using the training data stored in Time2Track.

Accreditation Tools

You can save time, effort, and resources by obtaining data to support regional and national accreditation requirements with just a few clicks.

Who We Are

97% of Time2Track students & institutions would recommend us.

32 million hours

have been logged with Time2Track.

450 institutions

have students using Time2Track.

25,000 individuals

have used Time2Track.

Trust in our experience.

Time2Track is the only company with 10 years of experience as the leading provider
of hours-tracking software in the behavioral health marketplace.

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Need more convincing?

Here’s what our students had to say about Time2Track.

“Time2Track has changed dramatically in the past 2 years and for the better! It is very thoughtfully made with the needs of a clinical student in mind.” -Erin F., PsyD

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“I have used Time2Track since the first day of my PsyD program and matched at a choice internship site (APA accredited). It is incredibly user friendly, comprehensive, and made the internship application process less of a terrifying nightmare! I would highly recommend this to friends and colleagues, and plan to continue using it myself as I accrue post-doctoral hours.” – Brittany W., MA, Pepperdine University

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“Time2Track has been an invaluable resource throughout my doctoral program. I cannot imagine any other way that I would have been able to comprehensively and thoroughly keep track of all my clinical work.” -Meredith C., Seattle Pacific University

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