A Free Guide for the APPIC Internship Match

If you’re one of the thousands of psychology doctoral students who will be applying to APPIC for an internship, you’re likely feeling some stress about one or more of the following things:

  • What can you expect throughout the APPIC Match process?
  • How do you count or track your hours for the AAPI Online?
  • What APPIC internship sites should you apply to?
  • What APPIC interview questions will you be asked?
  • How do you apply to APPIC?
  • Where do you find the best resources about the APPIC Match and the AAPI?

Your Secret Weapon

This is your secret weapon: Our free eBook, The Definitive Guide to the APPIC Internship Match, which is full of resources about the APPIC Internship Application process. These resources are written by fellow psychology students and professionals who have already gone through the APPIC Match.

This eBook has nearly 100 pages of tips and advice about the APPIC Match process. 

When applying for an internship, why make mistakes and learn the hard way when you can learn how to successfully navigate the process from others?

This eBook is totally FREE. 

Here are Some Topics We Cover:

  • How to Stand Out in the APPIC Match
  • How to Ace Your APPIC Interviews
  • Sample APPIC Interview Questions
  • Finding the Right APPIC Internship for You
  • Learning About the AAPI
  • How to Write Powerful APPIC Cover Letters
  • How to Create an Amazing APPIC Autobiographical Essay

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