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Considering Grad School in the Mental Health Field?

  • Making yourself a competitive applicant for graduate programs in psychology
  • Where do I start? Applying for graduate programs in psychology
  • So you want to be a psychologist: Transitioning from college to applying to graduate programs in psychology
  • Acronym soup: the definitive guide to becoming a mental health clinician
  • Look before you leap: What to know before you apply to graduate school
  • What’s the Difference Between a Clinical Psychologist & a Counseling Psychologist?
  • Know your program: Counseling versus Clinical psychology

Grad School Finances

  • What you need to know about debt before starting grad school
  • Student Loans 101: what you need to know
  • How to consolidate your student loans
  • How to refinance your student loans
  • 5 steps to automating your student loan payments
  • 4 ways to find extra scholarship money in grad school

Family Life

  • Time off: My maternity/paternity leave story
  • Yes, I’m pregnant, or none of your business? How to talk with clients about expecting
  • 6 tips for dealing with your grad program during parental leave
  • How to take maternity/paternity leave from your private practice

The Practicalities of Training

  • Tips for earning more face-to-face hours
  • How do I track this? APPIC hour types and categories unlocked
  • How to respectfully decline new patients while on practicum or internship
  • Questions to ask on practicum interviews
  • Questions to ask on internship interviews
  • Questions to expect on internship interviews
  • How to get the most out of clinical supervision – and what they don’t teach you in school
  • Walking the clinical tightrope: When good supervision goes bad
  • Why I got additional certifications after grad school
  • Why I wanted Board Certification
  • How I got additional training in [x] after grad school

The APPIC Match

  • Will I Match? The latest news from APPIC
  • Next steps: what happens if you don’t match
  • Why moving for internship was best for my career
  • A temporary hardship: I moved for internship, but it was worth it

Clinical Corner

  • The frame that holds your most important work: a guide to working in the therapeutic frame
  • Lateness vs. No-Shows: how to handle each
  • Emergency situations: When is it ok to break confidentiality?
  • Intro to intake: a guide to your first meeting  (overview)
  • Intake styles: Tailoring the first meeting to fit your clients’ needs
  • Psychodynamic therapy 101: an introduction
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 101 an introduction
  • Dialectical-behavior therapy 101: an introduction
  • Psychodynamic therapy 102: techniques
  • CBT 102: common cognitive techniques
  • Dialectical-behavior therapy 102: key DBT techniques
  • Behavior therapy overview: behavior techniques to use across disciplines
  • Trembling at Trauma: a guide to trauma-informed intakes
  • TRAUMA vs. trauma: finding nuance when we talk about the big “T”
  • Adverse childhood experiences: traumas that set the framework for life
  • ACEs are key: unlocking the hidden traumas that are hindering your treatment
  • Prisoners are people, too: treating the trauma in your forensic clients’ lives
  • How can I help my anorexic patient? / working with anorexic clients
  • Your guide to working with bulimia nervosa
  • Compassionate care for compulsive overeating
  • How much weed, would you say? Your guide to a comprehensive substance use assessment
  • Why Harm Reduction may be key to helping your client with substance misuse
  • How Alcoholics Anonymous helped my client face his/her mental health problems
  • I wanted AA to work for my client, but it wasn’t the right thing
  • Know your psychoses: schizoaffective disorder versus schizophrenia
  • What’s going on? Differentiating mania from other serious mental illnesses
  • Exposure therapy gone wild: everything you need to know
  • Walk with me across the Grand Canyon: using virtual reality for exposure therapy
  • Adult films, adult problems: using pornography to treat sexual phobias
  • The Mental Status Exam: What you need to know
  • Check yourself before you wreck…your treatment: Managing our reactions to self-injuring patients
  • How does your faith play into your clinical work?
  • Is religion welcome in current clinical practice?
  • What is it like to work with clients who do, or do not, want to work with practitioners of the same faith?


  • X Steps to Nailing Your Dissertation Defense


  • What I wish I’d known: How to land the postdoc of your dreams
  • What matters on postdoc? Tracking hours (and knowing your state requirements)
  • How I gained confidence as a newly licensed therapist
  • Landing the job that’s right for you
  • How to set boundaries in your first job out of grad school
  • Resume or CV? Know when to use each to get the job you want
  • How to get more experience with LGBTQ clients on internship and postdoc


  • Interesting takes on passing/failing/studying for licensure exams (e.g., EPPP)
  • Which prep is right for you? Find the best study materials to conquer licensure exams (e.g., EPPP)
  • How to get licensed as an [MFT, LCSW, LPC, etc.]: An Overview
  • How to get licensed as an [MFT, LCSW, LPC, etc.] in [State]: A step-by-step guide

Private Practice

  • X steps for starting a private practice
  • How to set boundaries while building your private practice
  • How to earn additional income while starting your private practice
  • Yes, we’re expecting: What to expect on family leave from your private practice
  • 5 tips for marketing your private practice online
  • Optimizing SEO for your private practice
  • 7 ways to increase the client base for your private practice
  • How to find a niche market for your private practice
  • To Facebook or not to Facebook? How to set marketing boundaries as you build your private practice
  • Brass tacks: Choosing the right EMR software for your private practice
  • The definitive guide to tax write-offs for your private practice
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