Time2Track Mobile

Track your hours quickly & easily, wherever you are!

We know you all have been patiently waiting, and now we’re excited to announce that Time2Track Mobile (v.1) is here!  We kept our highly-rated interface and made it portable, so there’s no learning curve.  You’ll get the same great features in a package that you can use on-the-go.  There’s nothing you’ll need to download, and you can access Time2Track Mobile from our website.

To access Time2Track Mobile, just go to app.Time2Track.com from your iPhone, Android, iPad, or other tablet or smartphone.

To add the login page to your iPhone or iPad home screen, just follow the instructions below.


Time2Track Mobile: Add to Home Screen
On your iPhone or iPad, visit app.Time2Track.com and tap the “Go To” icon.
Tap “Add to Home Screen” and a link to the Time2Track Login Page will then be added to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen.


Time2Track Mobile: Graphs
Use Time2Track Mobile the same way you would use the desktop version. Access all the same features you know and love (including your graphs).
All your data will be instantly saved to your account so you can add, edit, and view your data anytime on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Time2Track Mobile: Toggle Main MenuTap the menu icon to toggle the main menu.


Time2Track Mobile: Toggle CalendarTap the gray arrow on the Calendar screen to open the calendar.
Tap the gray arrow again to hide the calendar.


Time2Track Mobile: Submenu DropdownUse the dropdown menu to access each section’s subpages.

We hope that Time2Track Mobile makes it quick and easy to track your hours on the go. We want to know what you think, so please send your feedback and suggestions to feedback@time2track.com.